Often called “pulling” a tooth, Dental Extractions are the removal of a Tooth AND all of its associated roots.  We give the patient local anesthesia to ensure that the procedure is pain-free.   With modern techniques, “pulling” the tooth is rarely the case and most patients are surprised that the tooth extraction is completed before they even know that it’s done. We mostly fill the extraction site with a Bone Graft to help with healing, prevent dry socket, and prepare for an Implant.
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Why An Extraction?

Reasons for extractions are very similar to needing a root canal.  We at Arlington Dental Arts are always in favor of saving teeth when possible, however, there are some instances in which extraction may be the only option.  Those are most likely vertical root fractures, large resorption, too little remaining tooth, Severe gum disease, and some large infections.

What Now?

Afterwards, a tooth is Extracted and Bone Grafted.  There are several options to replace the tooth.  Most often, the best option is a Dental Implant.  If that is not possible, we may recommend a Permanent Bridge or a removable Partial Denture.  

Arlington Heights Tooth Extraction Services

For your dental procedure to be as painless and comfortable as possible, Dr. Varchetto takes great care and competence when extracting a tooth. Detailed post-treatment care instructions will also be given to you so you can properly care for your smile as it heals. We invite you to contact or come see us right away for additional details on tooth extraction and to arrange your individualized consultation at our welcoming dental office. We’re dedicated to making your smile better!

We Take Care Of Our Patients

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