The mouth is commonly considered as a door to other parts of the body since many ailments initially manifest themselves as changes in the mouth. For instance, extensive gum disease can result in tooth loss and other significant problems including oral cancer, which causes 7,500 fatalities annually. As a result, a thorough oral examination and teeth cleaning is advised each time you visit a dental office to act as an indicator of your overall health & wellbeing.

What We Will Look For

Your Arlington Heights dentist, we will examine you visually and then do a more thorough dental examination utilizing one or more X-rays to look for:
In order to look for any abnormalities, soreness, or flexibility within the lymph nodes that could be signs for disease, your dentist will also undertake a visual and digital examination of the lymph nodes around the face and neck. Your lips, gums, tongue, and other internal mouth areas will also be examined in a similar manner. During the examination you may expect the following:

Good Oral Health Works Best With Preventative Care

The goal of the thorough dental examination and teeth cleaning is to establish a baseline for your health and identify any early signs of a serious illness that could otherwise go unnoticed. One should be done at least twice a year, according to the American Dental Association. By doing this, you can prevent dental pain, tooth loss, and costly restorative dentistry procedures. During a thorough oral examination, your dentist will be looking for the following illnesses that can be identified by their signs and symptoms:
– Severe Gum Disease.
– Oral Cancer.
– Blood Pressure.
– Cardiovascular Problems.
– Diabetes.
– Immune Deficiency.
– Leukemia.
– Sinus Problems.

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