an inlay dental tooth filling

Dental Inlay

Inlays are restorations of teeth that look very similar in size and appearance to a tooth filling. However, the difference between the two is that inlays are done outside of the mouth and then later cemented.   They were traditionally done with gold alloys but now are done in porcelain as well.  With CEREC® technology, Arlington dental arts is able to complete these single visit crowns at our office with no need for a lab.
an onlay dental tooth filling

Dental Onlay

Onlays are restorations of teeth, similar to inlays and a traditional tooth filling. Key difference with an onlay is that they usually replace larger amounts of missing tooth structure.  They replace one or more Cusps of the tooth.  They were traditionally done in gold alloys but now are most often done with some type of ceramic (white) material.  CEREC® technology allows Arlington Dental Arts to create these restorations in ONE DAY for patients with no need for a lab.  The machine essentially mills (think printing, but reverse) out what is missing from your tooth and that is bonded/Cemented back in place.  The tooth will look and feel like brand new.

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