Outside of teeth cleanings, the most common procedure that is performed in the dental office.  They are used to replace missing tooth structure lost from decay (cavities), fracture or trauma.  Fillings in dentistry were done with Amalgam (Silver Fillings) for hundreds of years but now are most often done with bonded Composite (White Fillings).  These can also be used for cosmetic use on front teeth but also in the posterior (back).  Whatever treatment you receive at Arlington Dental Arts, it is very important that it look and feel like your own, natural tooth.  Please feel free to check out our photos of actual examples of how great your teeth can look and feel.
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What Is A Dental Filling?

When treating a cavity, a dentist will perform a dental filling treatment. To remove the cavity, the dentist will drill around the decayed portion of the tooth. The excised cavity will then be “filled” in with a dental filling. Fillings can be used to fix cracked or damaged teeth because the materials used to make them are designed to resemble the appearance and durability of teeth.

The dentist will use tools to form the material after it has been placed in the cavity to give it the approximate shape of the desired tooth. The patient’s smile won’t be affected because the dentist will shape the tooth to look natural and match the color and shape of the other teeth. The dentist will quickly solidify the material with a special “blue light” before shaping and polishing the hardened material to finish the restoration.

Types of Dental Fillings

These are extremely durable and wear-resistant. They are also known as “silver fillings”. They are less frequently utilized since they may cause the patient considerable discomfort as they age.

These may be the most well-known type of dental filling, are strong and can last up to 20 years. Gold is generally not the patient’s first choice because it’s a costly one.

The most popular type of fillings are composite. These fillings have a resin base and are made to closely resemble teeth in color, giving the dentist the most options. Like genuine teeth, composites can wear out over time and develop coffee stains.

These fillings, known as inlay or onlay tooth fillings, are created in a lab and chemically bonded to the tooth. They cost about the same as gold fillings but can be made to fit the surrounding teeth’s color.

Dental Fillings Near Arlington Heights, IL

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